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Dague Laquered

Dague comes out of the passion for watchmaking, it is an unreasonable act of watch-love and the result ofdedicated craftmanship.

the dial

We wanted a dial that would pass the test of time and of changing styles with a contemporary flavor and playful colors.
We kept our first design for a sandwich with large rounded roman numerals on a mirror back plate which has been galvanic treated, mirror polished and printed with the sub dial.
The top plate has been hand enamelled, the upper surface has undergone 4 temperature treatments at 150° over 3 days, the result is a glazed “enamel” finish with a special and warm lustre.
These watches are made in a very limited edition, the “Dague Aqua Jade” will be made in three pieces only.

Dague takes its name from the ancient Roman legionaries’ short sword, a smaller blade than the Gladius, designed to be used as a left-hand back-up weapon.
The Dague was a loyal companion always on a legionnaire left flank, it was their ultimate survival and daily use blade.
Following this philosophy, “The Dague” is meant to become our time-companion, always on our wrist.
The Dague hands are also our design, they are inspired on the designe of these anciant blades, are easy to read and distinctive, they are mirror diamond-polished and are treated with Tri-Tech Super-Luminova luminescent material for good night visibility.
As The Dague is manufactured largely by hand where no two Dague are exactly the same.

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