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Dague 1

The Dague is a watch born out of the passion for watchmaking and the combined efforts of Andrea, a renowned vintage watch dealer, and Alessandro, a fervent watch collector. It represents their love for timepieces and showcases exceptional craftsmanship and dedication.

The Journey to Prototype:

Before finalizing the design, the team wore prototypes of the Dague for an entire year to test their style, comfort, and reliability. The prototypes endured rigorous conditions, including biking over 10,000 km, extreme temperatures, and varied weather, proving their durability and resilience. After a year of wear, the prototypes remained in impeccable condition, validating the watch’s quality and readiness for production.

The Heartbeat of The Dague:

The Dague’s movement is the heart of the watch and a visual masterpiece. The team chose vintage lepine movements, specifically the cal. 18.89M, 17.89M, and related models, known for their slim build and exceptional craftsmanship dating back to 1908. Each movement underwent a meticulous process of restoration, downsizing, and aesthetic finishing. The movements were carefully disassembled, serviced, and adjusted for precision. The platin and bridges were hand-finished, combining contemporary and traditional techniques. The result is a unique, handcrafted masterpiece with a rich lineage and a nod to the watchmaking heritage.

Crafting the Dial – The Dague 1:

The dial of the Dague is a combination of modern, classic, and innovative design elements. The team settled on a sandwich dial with large, rounded Roman numerals for a timeless appeal. Creating a sandwich dial involves meticulous cutting and hand-polishing of the top and bottom plates, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic. The dial’s print is achieved through the complex galvanic printing technology, providing a luminous sheen and vibrant radiance. Each dial is hand-treated, resulting in slightly varying color tones, making each Dague watch unique.

The Dague is more than just a watch; it is a symbol of heritage, precision, and the enduring value of time. Its design and craftsmanship appeal to discerning watch enthusiasts who appreciate refined taste and seek to stand apart from the mainstream. With its limited and numbered series, each Dague watch is a testament to the passion, expertise, and fusion of vintage and modern horological craftsmanship.

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