Metiers D’art

Following the success of the initial production, we felt inspired to delve into the pinnacle of horological expertise: the artistry of guillochage, cloisonnage, and flinquage.

To enable this, we envisioned a fresh, two-part modular dial design, offering a canvas for an array of intriguing variations.

The result? A timepiece that harmoniously marries artistic flair with mechanical precision. It goes beyond mere timekeeping, offering the wearer the privilege of showcasing an authentic masterpiece on their wrist.

The Guilloché Dial

Our guilloché dial is produced from sterling silver and incorporates a central guilloché pattern. This hand-engraved element adds texture and depth to the watch face, enhanced further with a final galvanic bath. The dial also incorporates a one-piece applique. Its extended size made the manufacturing process complex, but we’re satisfied with the outcome.

Cloisonné – The Time Dragon

For our cloisonné dial, a solid gold plate hosts an enamelled component. We collaborated with Vanessa Lecci, an experienced professional, to implement our designs. She selected our most detailed design, featuring curved lines and intricate elements.

In her atelier in Peseux, we discussed the details of our Time Dragon inviting her to leverage her interpretation, sensitivity and experience. She decided to use gold threads of different thicknesses, from 0.06 mm and 0.08 mm, the thickest to emphasize some elements of the design, such as the head and the snout.

We chose the colors for the two versions together, the Blue and Green and Vanessa/ Lecci suggested using some of her century-old glazes which are now unobtainable, such as the green of the background, and the red used on the body of the dragon.

The green is the Vert Paillons enamel, produced in the early 1900s by the Genevan Millenet, whose owner, enameller as well as entrepreneur, published the “Manuel pratique de l’émaillage sur métaux” (1922, Paris: Dunod), one of the fundamental references for enamelling craftsmen.

The red is a rare and now no longer available Rouge Royal by Schauer..

This is the kind of watchmaking we love and pursue

This series of Dagues transcends timekeeping; they becomes a treasured possession that tells a story. Each piece is a one-only, ensuring uniqueness and conveying a sense of individuality, a mark of appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship.

The result is amazing, so that – given it was a creative collaboration – we asked Vanessa to sign her work. Her signature, hand-engraved on the edge of the enamelled plate, honors us.

We see this as our testament to the legacy of traditional craftsmanship in a way that transcends generations where time is measured not just in minutes and seconds, but in the meticulous dedication and passion infused into this creation of timekeepers which stand as an enduring testament to the art of traditional watchmaking.